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    A Ray Of Hope In The Sky: Eijaz Mir - JK Student News

                          Writer Eijaz Mir
    "All things in this vast universe exist in you, with you, and for you.”
                  KHALIL GIBRAN

    The planet earth is adorned and embellished with the thousands of living creatures by Almighty Allah. The creation of this universe can't be understood wholly and solly by our rational thinking and the way how Allah makes execution of every living creature on the earth is out of our minds knowledge.The way the whole universe works is also an unimaginable and mind boggling concept through which we perceive and receive those benefits which might seem impossible to our wisdom and knowledge . The creation of  thousands of creatures on the planet earth is surprising and astonishing human wisdom because they have been created in such a way that they hardly match any  physical posture or any attributes to each other. Every creation has strange, explicit, intricate and thorough quality.The whole world is not less than an unexpected surprise to us . 

    Since, all the universe either engulfed with animate or inanimate things, but among all, the creation which has been given the supreme status is human being. Human being is given the stature to unveil the other characters of the planet earth and overcome all his subordinate creations. This sort of stature given to him by His Lord makes him the top most and sensible creation of the universe where he is having every possible control and command to others. Lord has established him to achieve everything from others but on an optimistic note. He is given a sensible authority to take positives and advantages from others but on a positive note and approach. His Lord has commending him into a state of natural phenomenon where he must refrain from all negatives and pessimism. In other words, that is why he is entitled with an extraordinary word Asharful-Mukhlokat " the highest among all creation of the universe.This attributed  word compromises meaning beyond all dimensions and parameters. Every human being dwelling on this planet need to identify his basic character formation through which he has been sent on the earth by His Lord, God, Allah, whomsoever he worships.Everyone of us is liable  to recognize our character and role for which we have been created and sent on the planet, earth. 

    From time to time messengers were being sent by our creator to pass on His messages to the human beings, through which we were prohibited to do the sinful acts and were also alarmed about the causes and consequences of materialism and selfishness. But the greed of unending comparisons and competitions among humans grew rapidly. Thus involving the new disaster to the world where humans considered themselves as God, and they started to vandalise and loot  the natural aspects in such a way that they fall short of every single goodness. They started to overcome not only creations of Lord, but God Himself. He thought his technology is everything and he is the supreme ruler of the world, even knowing consciously or unconsciously the results of such thought is leading him towards the worst form of catastrophe. 

    The utilisation of human power over his subordinate creations has put him on the death bed. The growing of power and possession in terms of so called successful technology and takings of undue advantages of other natural phenomenon involves him into a tiny virus, which is even invisible to eyes, left him speechless and mum. This tiny virus seems an unending disaster as of now because it is erasing, melting of human population at a speed. The power, technology in which humans were proud of is proving detrimental and a futile exertion. The largest result of this pandemics is the human, himself, as he never does the things, the way he was governed to do and executive on the planet, earth. He break all the rules, laws and commandments of His creator and left no stone unturned to vandalise the natural property and everything he does on this planet proves detrimental to other living creatures, as well as to the peace and welfare of the environment. 

    Now, when the whole of the planets human population have surrendered before the pandemic. Is there any possible help in the sky going to come on the earth and  rescue us by  His will and contention, and end this pandemic forever. Let us hope for the best, as hope  itself is a huge belief in God.While as hopelessness is a worst form of Atheistism. Is there any mercy to befall on the earth and eliminate the worst crises on the globe. 

    From some of the previous days , one special thing is in talks throughout the globe. The emergence of a star in the sky, the star "SORAYA". Soraya is a feminine Persian name. It is derived from the Arabic name for the Pleiades star cluster, Thurayya in Arabic. In Astronomy, it is also known as the Seven Sisters and Messier 45, are an open star cluster containing middle-aged, hot B-type stars in the north-west of the constellation Taurus. It is among the star clusters nearest Earth and is the cluster most obvious to the naked eye in the night sky.The "SORAYA" is in continuous talks from some of the days especially in the Golf and European countries. 

    In some of the religious books, It is believed that if "SORAYA" appears in the sky, meanwhile it vanishes away pandemic either partly or wholly on the earth. Will it be the grace and will of Almighty Allah that something in the sky is going to give relief to the inhabitants living in the four corners of the map. This is a billion dollar question? 
    But one thing is sure till now,  people who are vandalising the pious nature and cheating the other faces of the environment are surely in deepest pain. The environment and nature has hit back to the human carelessness in the form of this pandemic, a deadly virus. Even in the month of this holy Ramadan, which is pious and sacred, blessings and mercies are  pondering  in this month. People are still confused and full of chaos and depressions. They need Godly help , otherwise the human explosion and black death to human beings is on the cards. 

    The ray of hope in the sky can only be imagined in the form of His mercies , blessings and forgivenesses.His creation needs utmost mercies of Him befallen on us. The king of the creation is the only who could save us from this catastrophe. A ray of hope in the sky is visible in  the form of His blessings, through which the perished boat in the terrible waves, midst of the sea full of people could be safely driven up to the shore. The month through which the whole world is prevailing  is the month of forgiveness and blessings. Surely Allah will shower upon us His blessed mercies and let ease our pain forever. 

    A ray of hope in the sky is visible to us. This month will be end of this pandemic forever, if God wished, "INSHA ALLAH" He is with us and would never leave us alone. He will pour upon us the drops of rain in the form of His blessings. A ray of hope in the sky is visible to relieve human beings. 

    The author is a freelance writer and writes on current issues. 
    He can be reached at

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