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                    Writer: Eijaz Mir
    MOTHER: The most beautiful word on the lips of mankind.
    The word mother is the sweetest word among all the vocabularies existed in any form of language and diction. Mother is love, care and sympathy, precious feeling and a sense of joy forever. She is humble, sober and a hub of rejoice souls, a bond of love which gives relief to all human beings. She is the sign of unbound and incomparable joy, where everyone of us is feeling safe and secure and under her custody everyone is representing with utmost sympathies. Mother is the most adorable among all the inhabitants living on this planet. She is joy, love and care of tired human souls. She always provides care , love and never complains of taking anything back. She is always caring, selfless, and devotes her all services for upbringing us. She is the word sacrifice. She sacrifices her whole life for us without taking a single favour. She gives a sigh of relief to everyone and never takes anything back in return . Her love, compassion and sympathy for us is the worlds best ever wealth. It is such a wealth which can't be counted in terms of number and data nor there is a device to measure this treasure. She is really the pious and sacred figure of the world. 

    The sacrifices through which a mother is passing throughout her life is of huge importance.Her contribution towards us is so amazing and incomparable. Her lifetime sacrifices are countless and her bond of love feelings towards us couldn't be counted by any ways and means. There is no device or set of equipments through which such huge life saving sacrifices of a mother could be measured or counted. Such sacrifices are mind blowing and heart wrenching too. The way a mother is passing through innumerous pains is also a sort of question having no answer. From her beginning of pregnancy period, she is bearing life staking pains. She took her baby in her womb for a period of nine months, speaks itself how she enable herself  to bear inside her another body and soul. Through this period, the pain she is going through is hardly felt and sensed by any other creature of the universe. Her sacrifices doesn't end here, but  it increases every passing minute. Giving birth to her baby is not less than a feelings like death pain. What she bears while delivering a baby, none of us could even think of such  life losing risk and the pain which she is encompassing through that period is also a mere concept before us, but it's practical approach is known to a mother only. Her sacrifices are huge and unimaginable forever. 

    These set of sacrifices increases more and more. She doesn't stop here at all and her infinite sacrifices with pious obligations spread all over the world like mercies and blessings. She starts to nurture her children with utmost care and love. While nurturing her children, she starts to grew weaker and wrinkles start to appear on her face. Her facial beauty and charm starts to vanish away. While her baby is starting to grow on her breast milk, her beautiful figure starts to weaken and she starts grew older and older. Thus her toll of sacrifices are increasing continuously.Such challenges and examinations are only survived by a mother and she stands up with utmost bravery before them.She faces a number of challenges on every passing minute.During every challenge a mother has to go through innumerable sacrifices. She bears all even and odds to overcome all challenges, even at every single challenge she starts to begin loose her charm and energy. But she never demands stoppage, her determination of will power and love for us never ends and she never starts complaining. Her unending devotion of service and sacrifice towards her children never starts to weaken. On contrary, she is proving an angel, not less than a sea full of mercies and blessings. Her children are her first priority, even she doesn't eat a single morsel of food in absence of them. She treats her children like delicate flowers of the garden. 

    The sympathies of a mother never begin to loose charm and shine for the children. On every single passing day, her tokens of love, care and sympathies reaches on the heights of selfless service. Mother is always a mother for her children. Even though , whatever age her children is reaching at. She doesn't not see the age of her children but in their faces she only see a son or a daughter. She is never demanding. She is never complaining. She is never angry. Her sympathies overcome and overpowers her angriness. Her blessings and merciful attitude never starts to decrease. She is continuously showering her lots of love and care upon us. Her toll of sacrifices could not be        counted. She is really the best, the most adorable and the sweetest person of our life. 

    Time immemorial , what has been our attitude towards our mother's is not less than a shock and tragedy. The incidents and reports available before us in the form of various data and resource is wrenching the pious hearts of those mother's who served tirelessly for us and in return they have received only the worst.
    Even though the whole world is celebrating mother's Day with craze and charm. We give gifts as tokens of love to ur mother's on this day. We make show off to communicate before the world that our mother's are our highest level of fame and honour. On this day cakes are baked and served and colourful gifts are distributed among mother's. But  reality is totally vice versa of what is been shown on the plate forms or stages. In fact every passing day is a doomsday for a mother. The growing material aspects overpowered us chiefly and we lost our rich heritage and culture. Once upon a time, people would not bear one day separation from  mother. But look at the present living societies where people don't even want their mothers with them for a single day.
    Isn't it a disaster, the mother who has sacrificed her life for us is being sent to old age homes. The people have enough time to spent with friends, girl friends etc. but haven't a single hour for their mothers. 

    It is hurting, when we see the mothers begging on the streets and their children marrying with wives and spending money for enjoyment. On one hand, mothers are struggling for a single penny while as people  spending hundreds of pennies on the  breakfast of friends. Some incidents are so shocking, when people dragged out mothers from houses by using on them severe capital punishments. Seeing such incidents and episodes occurring in human societies is wrenching human hearts. Unfortunately, this is what we are giving to our pious mothers in return to their millions of sacrifices for us. 

    In my opinion, everyone of us is bound with moral obligations and responsibilities to look after our aged parents. They have served and sacrificed their lives for us. If we are rich today, it is all because of them. Our mother was not sleeping for our sleep. She needs our utmost care in her old age. She is the way to paradise. If we broke her sentiments, we block the way of paradise forever for us. In one of the Hadith, it is said ," paradise lies beneath the feet of mothers. "
    The reality lies in the fact that every single day is a special  mother's day. We should give huge applauses to our mothers contribution. They have done commendable jobs and their sacrifices have no match in this universe. I applause and give huge salutations to my beloved mother and all the mothers of the world for their huge contribution. 
    May you all live long and enrich us with your holy blessings.

    The author is a freelance writer and writes on current issues.
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