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    The Globe on which we live is full of digital technologies, innovations and material glamour. The world has become hub of digitalisation and the technology has replaced all the traditional ways and means. Our life style has immensely changed and modern people have fallen prey to these so called innovations. We are receiving huge material benefits from the technology, Science has given to us. Life has become very fast and furious and people have become crazy about the things used on daily basis. The modern man has reached the milestones, assessing digital technologies and innovation.The traditional mind has overpowered by new digital minds. The level of intelligent quotient has reached the high class rational thinking. The world has become a global village, engulfed with extreme digitalisation. The material aspect has touched ultimate heights, the glamour has become the talk of the day, the lives have tasted sophisticated and reliable benefits. The life has become easy and comfortable. The traditional and conventional ways and means of work has replaced by new machinery. The world is set on the high levels of competition and the process of digitalisation is on the finger's, just away from one click. The world has become a global village and the people living on the globe are its digital inhabitants. The internet has replaced the traditional and conventional work and wisdom. The internet has saved immense time and energy. In other words, it is said that 21st century is the century of internet. The use of internet has changed our life styles, customs and traditions. The whole world is on the one single click. It has interconnected villages, cities, states and countries. It seems that the present living society could not survive with out this digital device. 

    Since the use of internet is a debatable and sensitive issue. As it is used everywhere, in office's, Industries, factories and so on. It has materially benefitted all the inhabitants living on the earth. There is no doubt in the fact that our material aspect has reached new heights. There is no comparison to your material assets. This has happened because of the use of the internet.Medical science has improved and the way it has helped in Surgeries is really a big relief to common masses. The business has also reached a new deal because of this precious digit asset. Internet has given birth to new devices and equipments. The world is on the tips and fingers of lay man. The one click on the cell phone could make us to have access to the four corners of the world. We can make millions of friends on the social media due to the use of internet. We could make new assignments through this device and could reach new level of competition. Internet is used almost in every sphere of our life.The use of internet has become our daily routine and the people have left no stone unturned to enjoy this means. Internet has lifted us on the new heights of ultimate competition. We use internet to achieve new brand of glamorous success. It has given us new branded life with new name. Life has become fast, easy and comfortable. 

    But Alas! The use of internet is a huge catastrophe in the making. The whole generation is falling prey of this disaster. The way we use this device is a horrible thing which could  bereft us from achieving any goodness. The excessive use of internet has totally made us insane and mentally challenged. On one hand, we are growing in glamour and materialism. But on the other hand we are deteriorating our physical and mental health. The excessive use of this device has made us mentally unstable. We have lost our physical and mental health. The race of internet has made our young generation puppets of games like PUBG etc. The young generation has fallen mad of these games and this is leading them towards mental breakdown. They are being over stressed by the excessive use of cell phone and internet. The another tragedy with this device is that, the people used to watch obscene pictures and videos on the cell phone using internet connection. This has looted them from their physical health. There are also many people who are using this sensitive device for the upliftment of social tragedy i, e. the obscene videos are being uploaded to the social networks sites. Thus giving birth to the social evils. In my opinion, use of cell phones and internet is a huge catastrophe in the making. It has given birth to so many evils inside and outside us.Our actions are governed by these evil gadgets. Use of cell phone and internet has made assassination of many characters. Not only assassination of characters, cheating fraudulent, mischief have also taken place because of such devices. Internet has totally deteriorated our physical as well as mental health.

    Present age, which we call the age of internet has bereft us from attaining any sign of goodness. We have also lost our religious as well as social customs and culture. It has kept us away from our parents, relatives and our siblings. People have become mad after this technology. They have lost discipline, religious doctrines and love of their kins and kith. We are not been able to find  peace of mind by using these gadgets. Our peace of mind is disturbed by the excessive use of cell phones and internet. Today people have become crazy about internet,  children have also become victim of cell phones and internet. The excessive use of cell phones have snatched them from their eye visions. Today, we see children wearing eye glasses because of these gadgets. This internet age has snatched us from our pious relations.  Playing physical games like cricket, football, volleyball, karate, kho-kho, badminton, kabadi etc. These games used to provide us good mental as well as physical health. But internet has made us paralyzed, it has replaced such all games. Now a days, children love to play digital games and this has made them physically handicapped. There are so many health issues arising from these cell phones and excessive use of internet. According to science, the rays exhibited from the electronic gadgets are also very harmful. Such gadgets had also kept us away from natural surroundings. We are not able breath fresh air in the open. As we are busy with cell phones 24 hours a day. 

    In my opinion, the excessive use of cell phones and internet is proving detrimental to our society. Although, it has immensely changed our life styles by providing us huge and grand success. Although people have reached on the planet like Mars but still it is proving a huge catastrophe in the making. Our valley has become hell like society because of these devices. They benefitted us materially but has diluted us mentally, socially and spiritually. Our character has become so bad by the excessive use of these gadgets. It is turning out a huge disaster for the upcoming generations. On every passing day we see negative use of such devices. At present, it seems that we are using them for creating a history of huge digital catastrophe for our youths. The time is not far away when we will see these digital gadgets providing us with a huge character loss. 
    Till now i have seen cell phones and internet leaving us torn by our mental health and physical health. A huge catastrophe in the making. 

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