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    Almighty Allah SWT has bestowed His mankind with utmost blessings and mercies. The believer of Allah is provided with highest eternal peace, honour and love from His creator.The Muslims all over the world are given utmost gifts of Allah on every single passing day. The air we breath, the water we drink, the land we live in and other huge resources are all precious gifts of Allah to mankind. The human beings irrespective of colour, caste, religion, rich or poor are blessed with huge joy, love and care. The Allah SWT has given us infinite joy through everything He has bestowed upon us. The blessings and mercies of Allah has overshadowed every single human being on the planet. We can't even think of falling a single leaf from the tree without His will. Whatever is happening in the universe is all because of God's will. He is the most beneficent, the ultimate power, ever living and king of kings. The source of joy He has given to us could not be explained by any vocabulary or any form of diction. Among all these sources of joy and happiness, Eid ul Adha is one of the inspirational source of happiness and joy to the Muslim world. This auspicious day is celebrated on every 10th of Dul Hajj.This day is representing the ultimate sacrifice and salvation. The day of unending happiness and joy to the mankind. The day of peace and love.The festival of Eid ul Adha has a great importance in terms of attaining penance, eternal peace and love. This auspicious day is the sign of ultimate obedience the believers show towards His creator. The day is adorned with huge sacrifices in the way of Allah. This remarkable day remembers us the sacrifice of Messenger of Allah Abrahim (AS) When he was asked to give sacrifice of his son Asmayeel (AS). And He readily at once succeed in the test which Allah has put on him. That is why Eid ul Adha remembers us the great sacrifice of Abrahim (AS), for His Creator, Almighty Allah. This day is also called Bakra Eid or Eid i Kurbaan. The sacrifices all over the Muslim Brotherhood for Allah is also titled with Sunnat Abrahim (AS).
    10th of Zil hujj is the festive of immense sacrifices and obedience. The obedience of the Muslims could be seen in sacrificing various Halal cattles in the way of Allah. This shows the absolute obedience of Muslims towards His creator. The commandments of Almighty Allah are severely adopted by the true Muslims on this auspicious day. Every where the believer can be witnessed slaughtering their tamed Halal animals to give sacrifices, remembering the pious and sacred messenger Abrahim (AS) and His son Asmayeel (AS). In Hadith, the essence of sacrifice of Cattle is of utmost importance and Allah gives His believer the infinite rewards for this. In one of the authentic Hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW has said that the meat and blood of cattle which you sacrifices didn't reach Allah but your (Takwa) belief and faith reaches to Him. The sacrifices of various Halal animals on this day shadows the holy blessings and mercies of Almighty Allah on the mankind. The mankind is showered upon with utmost and ultimate atonement and penance. In another Hadith, it is stated that 9th of zil hujja (Arfa) is also benefitted with utmost blessings and mercies. On this day whosoever keeps fast will be forgiven of his one year past and one year following sins. The believers show the highest obedience by sacrificing the infinite Halal animals.The sacrificed meat of animals is being shared with the neighbors and other relatives. This meat is considered holy and is being served with gratification. The glory and gratitude of this day enlightens the hearts and souls. The day encompasses the unending happiness and joy of inner to the believers. On this glorious day, people embrace each other hale and heartily. 
    The holy festive of Eid ul Adha teaches us the lesson of humanity and brotherhood. The sacrifice in the name of Allah shows unending obedience towards Allah. The meat which is served to the neighbors teaches us the lesson of being one,passionate,humble to one another. Eid is considered the most happiest day in Islam. Muslims gather at one place which is known as Eidgah to offer Eid prayers. They give adorable hugs to each other and wish happy Eid to each other. Children's are given Some share of money as Eidi. People wear new, neat and clean clothes. Especially, children's adorned themselves with colorful costumes. They buy toys from the market's and this adds a new flavor to this auspicious day. The hustle and bustle could be seen everywhere. The Muslim culture, customs and traditions spell out to every nook and corner. The elder Muslims love to spend this glorious day in seeking forgiveness of Allah SWT. They offer prayers of Tawba and seek tantamount happiness for their families. The people visit their relative's and friends. The hot Lipton tea is being served in every house with tasteful bakery items. The cooked meat is being served to each other shows the love and affection of Muslim Brotherhood. People love to enjoy the colours of this awesome day.
    The real purpose of this Eid lies in the happiness of poor. The poor people of the community should be given the happy returns of this beautiful day. They need to be given financial assistance. The poor children also deserve the same amount of happiness as rich children do. So it is our moral as well as religious obligation to give Eidi to them. The sacrificed meat should be reached to those houses also who deserve it. It is worth to mention here that if we give happiness to as single soul on this day. I think we got the purpose of Eid ul Azha. Eid ul Azha teaches us so many things and lessons of being true Muslims. The best lesson which is taught to us is the obedience of believers towards Allah and love of mankind. This auspicious day is the sign of oneness, love and peace. The hearts of the people are being opened to one another. Every soul living on the planet looks happy and charming. They greet each other with warm feelings. It endures the power of humility, patience among us.The houses are adorned with lovely make up and every single house looks neat and clean. The children visit the playgrounds, parks and other places. They add a new joy to this lovely day. The beauty of this day lies in the sacrifice of cattle and other Halal animals. If it is done with love and spirit , all sins of the people are washed away forever by Almighty Allah. 
    Since this day is the day of infinite number of blessings and mercies. So we should seek forgiveness of Allah from the beginning of Arfa.i.e, 9th of zil hujja. The real happiness of the day lies in giving food to the poor and destitute people. To feed them on this day is the real purpose and meaning of being true, calm and composite Muslim character. There are so many people who need our help in terms of providing food and money. Helping them in these crisis will give us extraordinary happiness. Our single penny shall feed someone on this day. So we should contribute towards humanity. Contributing with some pennies will do some good for them. The ultimate happiness of this day lies in giving some sort of relief to them.May this Eid bring highest level of joy to every soul. In sha Allah our sins will be wiped away on this auspicious occasion. May Allah SWT shower upon us the real happiness of the day. Ameen. 

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