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    Late Marriage And It's Consequences By Eijaz Mir -JK Student News

    Eijaz Mir


    It is commonly said, that marriages are fixed in the heaven, and celebrated on the earth". Marriage is a social contract through which a sense of love and affection prevails in the society. It is a strong legal binding contract of love agreement, a legally accepted relationship, a legal socially sanctioned union in which spouses live together. It is a vocation to holiness. It is also called wedlock, is  culturally recognised union between two partners, called spouses. This holy affair is bounded by law of various religious obligations and is governed by the eminent  love agreement and feelings among spouses. Marriage is the most prudential agreement and it's fragrance is sense of joyful souls between two partners. These partners are the source of ultimate gay to each other. They are not only physically linked but are also connected with rejoice souls. This relationship is the most beautiful ever agreement done on the earth.The importance of wedlock is emphasized in every religion of the world and this agreement between spouses is done with various colourful traditions and customs. Every religion has its own sense of principles, obligations in marriage ceremonies and is rarely matched but their importance could not be felt underestimated. They too have great worth and huge importance. Since our religion Islam has also given  strong emphasis to this holly affair called "Nikaah".There are various obligations , rights and duties between spouses to one another  in Islam, and they could not refrain from such pious obligations , If they do so the Nikaah or marriage agreement would not stand, and is likely to break down.Islams focus on the Nikaah is so amazing that even science could not ever think and touch such rationalism.Islam practically give emphasis on marriages in such a way , thus refraining us from the menace of late marriage and stresses that this holy affair shall be likely done when one reaches the age of puberty and gets sexually mature. The essence of Islam can not be underestimated as it is witnessed in the way that it stresses on young marriage thus avoiding the menace of late marriage and paves a way for the society refraining and free from all evils.

    But over the period of time due to our selfishness and materialistic  approach this pious and sacred agreement  suffered   severe drawbacks in terms of dowry and thus paves a way to the menace of late marriages. Late marriages proved to be very drastic and disasters for the wellbeing of people and society.It has hit the whole world badly and thus indulging us in affairs like prostitutions and whores. Because of late marriages, the growing rate of evils is increasing on daily basis causing  worst impacts on our society. According to census 2011, Indian girls likely select later age period for marriages. They do not want their young ages getting involved in this sort of agreement. Moreover over the period of time, Dowry has also become the worst form of menace in the societies through which late marriages took place. According to (NCRB) National Crime Records Bureau, In India Rape is the 4th most common crime against women. According to NCRB our country reports a rape in every 15 minutes. These are really the shocking facts which had been ever heard of. This is not less than a disaster. These shocking facts of our country are all because of late marriages. Late marriages proved to be drastically deadly weapon which has created evil like societies.The growing rate of evils like rapes, abortions, abuses, psychological disorders, suicides have immensely increased in our society. 
     We have lost our abilities and wisdom of thought for a long prevailing period of time. The dilemma has overshadowed us, our mind and our vision. The goodness prevails nowhere. In the name of freedom, we have lost our character and visionary thoughts. Over a period of time, marrying late proved to be very fatal to our healths too.In later stage of age, we do have several health complications. Talking Scientifically, our power of fertility suffers worst drawbacks at this stage and thus resulting in severe sex complications, leading us to impotent and sterile. Marrying late involves us in dreadful sins and paves way to criminal activities like rapes, abortions, foeticides etc. The fast and rapid number of rapes, abortions, foeticide incidents have immensely, brutally, killed the pious culture of our country. The life has become hell out , everyday we witness these evils take birth on the streets, villages, cities, thus dwelling us in the hands of worst and deteriorated future, in the hands of such disaster where we could only make transformation, development and identification of devils and social evils. Where humans and humanity have no place to dwell. After researching and collecting of facts and figures, I found that in year 2016, at least 21 million babies were born out of wedlock .They do not even know to whom they belong and who are their lawful parents and this is all happening because of late marriages in our society. 

    In my opinion and analysis it is felt extreme need of the time to form a society free from evils like prostitution and rapes. Wedlock, marriage, Nikaah is the only way out , If we want our pious culture back on track , do Nikaah at the right time and age period. I felt the biggest challenge lies upon the shoulders of parents, they have a very vital role to play. They do have moral as well as religious obligations to conduct marriage of their sons and daughters at the right time, deferring it will cause severe repercussions.  This knot shall be disclosed as soon as possible and thus provide foundation of civilised society where humans prevail not wild animals. The worst effects which has deteriorating our nation since from many decades is growing of rapes and the consequences is late marriage. The most growing crime rate in our country is rape, why so, I think only late marriages. 

    Our Islam has also given emphasis that the growing evil is connected with our id consciousness and mainly it is over lapped by sexual desires. There is only substitute to avoid this desire, marrying at the right period of age and this way out is only way to refrain from the horrible evils like rapes and prostitutions. The concern of late marriage is continuously casting it's shadow on our valley too, we are also involved in it. The recent shocking fact which caught my eye on a data that only in Srinagar, more than 25 thousand girls crossing 40 years above are still unmarried. There are various reasons to such menaces one biggest is Dowry, it has tore our pious marriage culture into pieces and it's consequences are being witnessed since time immemorial on this small region. The growing evil in valley is not less than other parts of country.The rape and illegal abortions for some previous years in our valley too is shocking, as this dreadful sin is growing at an alarming rate. 

    The illegal sort of affairs in the name of love and feelings eventually leading  to sexual affairs. In the name of love stories, we get involved in such illegal affairs approaching in us an unending disaster, deteriorating our pious senses as well as races and generations. If, late marriage become our routine strategy, our generation will become prostitutes and rapists. To avoid and curb such illegal affairs and refraining from such evil. There is only single substitute available to us, the marriage or Nikaah. 

    The need of the hour is to refrain 
    from marrying late and society needs to be saved from these dreadful evils which are results of late marriages.The foundation of society should be based on pure visions where the thought of every person should possess sacred and pious mission. So that devil and evil free society could be regenerate again. As a writer, I do solemnly admit this fact that young age is the fruitful age to get marry. How long shall we live in this sort of disaster leading us towards generation lost catastrophe! 

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