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    OPENING LIQUOR SHOPS IN KASHMIR HURTING RELIGIOUS SENTIMENTS: کشمیر میں تیزی سے متعلق مذہبی مراکز میں شراب کی دکانیں کھولنا۔

    Writer Eijaz Mir
    Kashmir is known as the land of sufis and saints. The divine faith of religion Islam has engulfed this pious land on its lap. The sentiments of the people are deeply attached to the pious and sacred religious commandments of Islam.The valleys majority of population belongs to religion Islam. It is the Muslim majority land and the people of this region are very sensitive and wise. The valley is also abode to pious religious personalities and adorned with enormous religious monuments and shrines. The rich inherited customs and cultures of kashmir are famous all over the world. These customs and cultures have severe and everlasting impressions on our bodies and minds. The religious sentiments make us one body and one soul. The religious principles and commandments have everlasting touch to our minds. Thus people living in this part of the land are deeply attached with the sentiments of Islam. Islam governs every aspect of common life in this pious land. The acts against Islamic doctrine are openly criticised by the people in the valley. The Muslim dominated population of the valley could not bear anything adverse against Islam. Since the valley is Muslim dominated region, so the acts which are against the sentiments of their religion are not acceptable in any form. Such acts are big crimes and severely unacceptable. The valley is surrounded by the pious and sacred blessings of sufis and saints. The region is overshadowed by the holy prayers. The people are very loving and caring to one another. The real treasure of the valley are it's simple people who seek forgiveness of Allah day and night. 

    Since from previous one and a half decade, it has been a serious issue and concern that our valley witnessed many untoward incidents. The growing rate of criminal activities increased in these years to a great extent. But there is still something good available to us by the grace of our Lord. People are still God fearing. The Muslim populace dominated Kashmir have something good left in them. They respect their religious beliefs, principles and commandments. There is no doubt that many people of the valley are involved in many forms of evils. They have been fallen prey of evil doctrine and policy. But in general here common people are very decent and God fearing. As Muslims, they don't want the evil would overcome good. They are deeply motivated by the pious doctrine of Quaraan and Hadith. It is common that the inhabitants of every society encompasses both good and bad qualities. But the point is how we are accepting them. Are we accepting any evil publicly. Are we accepting it with warm feeling's. It is a big concern. The evil which is done publicly demolishes the society and its social set up. Opening of liquor shops and stores in the Muslim community is hurting the sentiments of religion Islam. Liquor is strictly prohibited in Islam. If such evil is given freedom to the Muslim populated region. Isn't it a huge insult and diplomacy against religious sentiments of islam. We are deeply concerned about this menace in the valley. 

    The news circulating on social media has disturbed the peace of mind to common masses of Kashmir. The order which reads the opening of 67 liquor shops through out the valley is a deliberate attempt to hurt the religious ideology and belief of Muslims. The valley has never expected this sort of treatment by the government towards us. We strongly condemn the decision of opening liquor shops in the valley. It is totally against our religious sentiments, as liquor is prohibited (haram) in islam. Muslims are strictly warned by Allah to refrain from it. Introducing this haram thing to the Muslims is going to ruin us. It is not only religion Islam which prohibits consuming of alcohol and liquor. But many other religions of the world also denounces it. Many of the holy religious doctrines strictly prohibits the consumption of liquor. Do you know the fact, why India is witnessing most of the rapes in the world every year. Yes, it is because of consumption of liquor and alcoholic substances. The criminal charges against youth is due to consumption of liquor. Some countries have totally banned this menace. It is fair to say that the consumption of liquor is the beginning of all evils. 

    Consuming alcohol and liquor substances are also very harmful to health also. Various health issues arises from its consumption. According to medical science, liquor and alcohol is very harmful to our kidneys. It damages the liver and kidneys of a person. The person who consume liquor become insensitive and mindless. He loses control over his senses and finally some evils overcome him. The consumption of liquor is the gateway to thousands of evils. It ruins the mental ability of a person and makes him senseless and duffer. The people who are addicted to this menace seems physically unfit and unhygienic. It destroys the families and our social set up. Such addicted persons are very dangerous for the society. They ruin their own lives as well as the other members of the family. They lost all capabilities to become good citizens of the nation. Such people look physically as well as mentally challenged. Consumption of liquor and alcohol gives birth to those devils and evils in the society who mutilate and ruin hundreds and thousands of lives. Alcohol has destroyed the health of the budding youth. Many diseases arising from the consumption of alcohol are incurable.

    The complete ban on the slaughtering of beef and giving licenses to the people to open liquor shops is seriously condemnable. By doing this, they are hurting the religious sentiments of lakhs of people in the valley. The opening of these shops in the valley will hurt the religious doctrine, principles and teachings of Islam. This seems deliberately an open attack to the sentiments of people who belongs to religious Islam. Almost 90 percent of people in Kashmir are Muslims. They believe in one God, Allah. Allah says in the holy book, Al-Quaaran, the one among the believers of Allah if tasted the drops of Alcohol and liquor will never enter His paradise". Isn't this decision a deliberate attempt to hurt our pious sentiments. The people living in this part of land will never applause such kind of decision on part of the authorities. The authority and government should think thousands of times before promoting this alcoholic culture in Kashmir. This will prove very detrimental for our paradise. Promoting this evil culture in the Valley is condemnable and unacceptable. 
    There should be only one slogan, "say no to Liquor and Alcohol". 
    Our paradise will not be allowed to become hell and hub of evil deeds. 

    The author is a freelance writer and writes on various current issues. He can be reached at

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