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    The education system through which the students seek better avenues and opportunities for getting suitable jobs is bound to our academic curriculum. The academic curriculum plays a pivotal role in shaping our educational careers. The sound and rigid academic curriculum paves a smooth way for us to achieve the golden opportunity and shaping us. This academic curriculum is the back bone to our educational system. If the curriculum is based on the systematic principles enriched with strong literary works, the students will achieve the unending and unbound success. The different literary fields through which our students try to get better opportunities for seeking various jobs are mostly the output of their curriculum through which they have gone during the process of teaching and learning. That is why, it is too important to follow the academic curriculum which creates such opportunities. A better academic curriculum makes us academically strong and brilliant. If the students follow such curriculum with the spirit of heart and mind, they will never find any hurdle or difficulty in seeking jobs. The academic curriculum shapes our future goals and ambitions. The aim of the students varies and the curriculum through which they are going also varies. The academic curriculum of medical student is different from commerce stream and the commerce curriculum is different from arts stream.Thus it is important to choose the academic curriculum which suits our tastes and interests. The students should be enough decisive to choose a stream in which they feel good. The choice of academic curriculum they make shapes their future. Thus it is better to take one in which they fit perfectly. The blind decision in choosing the academic curriculum will sack our future carrer forever. The students should know which curriculum they could accelerate and do good. Thus choosing academic curriculum is important for us to pave  smooth way to our future aims and ambitions. 

    Although, the people in our valley are bestowed with fertile brain and mind. They are sharp, sensitive, and capable of doing good in academics. But still the data of unemployment available to us is a huge concern. Thousands of postgraduates are sitting idle and jobless. Postgraduates are seeking class 4th jobs, but are not getting them. Getting achievement certificate or degree certificate is not enough. The achievement of postgraduate degree certificate doesn't justify our ability and knowledgeable worth. One should be enough competitive by his or her knowledge which he or she had in their subject or curriculum. Getting academic degree from any recognised university is not enough. The knowledge of a person speaks  everything about his degree certificate. It is unfortunate to say that there are thousands of such people who are acquiring master degree certificates but do not even know the basics of their subject matter. That is why, we are suffering from this hapless and unfortunate circumstances in which our so called graduates and postgraduates are sitting idle and jobless, thus adding severe nuisance to overall development of the nation. Acquiring master degree or certificate doesn't determine our values and worth. It is the knowledge which determine every single aspect. There are various reasons for the hapless conditions of educated people.The lack of interest in academics is one of the major reasons giving birth to such degree holders without any worth. 

    There are also other reasons too in which our degree holders don't get they wanted. The lack in concentration during teaching and learning in the classrooms. Their degree proves mere a document because when they were supposed to get best, they lacked interest and concentration resulting this tragedy and lacuna in their masters degree. Almost every village in the valley is occupying with 40 to 50 postgraduates but majority of them are manual labours. They are unable to get any white collar job because of their incompetence. I am not criticizing them for their work they are doing nor am I opposite to their manual work. But their dream of being sophisticated snatched by their own lack of interest, even though engulfed with huge degrees but still unable to achieve their aims. The main reason which I am thinking is the barrier and hindrance to their success is the wrong choice of subject matter or academic curriculum. Although having masters degree, still such people are not masters in their subject matter due to the wrong choice of subjects or curriculum. When they were supposed to take arts curriculum, they opt for medical stream and this is how they fall prey of worst start. Although, the choice of wrong curriculum helped them to get masters certificate but they are far away from the grace of this grade. They are not able to explain the basics of the subject matter in which they have done masters degree. Thus how could we imagine any good academic output from them. That is why most of such graduate and postgraduates are not able to find a suitable position and jobs for themselves. 

    The most important thing is how much we know in terms of knowledge about any subject matter. The knowledge which we encompass determine our relationship with future goals. That is why it is not enough to have masters degree and lacking knowledge of its subject matter. Majority of our youth is roaming idle and to our utter surprise, most of them are degree holders. This is why, it is not less than a shock that major dreadful crimes are done by the so called educated people of the world. Such degree holders give birth to a severe inhumane social setup. As they feel insecurity of jobs because of their incompetence, thus getting involved in various crimes. In such instance, they are very harmful for the society. The people who are totally illiterate are better than them because they are God fearing. The fact is that such degree holders get easily involved in lots of crimes because they see no way but consumption of drug's and other evils. 
    They fall prey easily to various crimes. 
    The are engulfed from the worst form of pessimism and dilemma. Their certificates are not enough to compete the race. This is the reason why we see so called education youth in seas of evils. Although they are the part of literacy rate but in vain. They couldn't yield or contribute any good for the development of nation. On the contrary,
    they also prove a severe disaster for the other people of the society.  

    Finally I quote the great Aristotle, " the roots of education are bitter, but it's fruit is sweet". The real education enriches a new life within us. A new soul illuminates inside us when it's candle catches flame. It moulds our behaviour and we see a new ray of hope lightening our future aims. Real education doesn't lie in getting huge degrees. It is the reformation of character building. The real education and knowledge lies in refraining from evil deeds and finding out utmost truth and principles of pious living. Real education is not getting or acquiring a piece of paper with a tag known as degree certificate but it is an unseen entity within us and cherished with beautiful lifestyle. The real worth lies in achieving the utmost behavioural changes within us. So let us pledge that we will not follow the achievement cards or degree certificates. Let real education reigns everywhere not degree certificates. 

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