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    Suicide A Tragic Death: By Eijaz Mir - JK Student News

                             Writer: Eijaz Mir

    The people living in the four corners of the world are fighting a psychological war to each other. The anxiety, hate, depression, jealousness, fear, insecurity, impatience, pessimism and other negative energies have given birth to the worst form of society. The social setup and system of our society is governed by horrible evils and paves way to every possible tragic events and incidents. The growing rate of crime in our societies is rapidly increasing. The  immensely growing crime rate has created chaos and confusion in our social setups. Our society has become hub of evils. Although, the standard of living has improved but our rational thinking has degraded. The moral values and social ethics have shattered down by the execution of our immoral acts. Thus giving birth to an uncivilised and wild inhabitants where they are ready to cut throats of one another by the sharp knives. They are ready to mutilate the relations forever. In the name of materialism people leave their near and dear ones forever. They do not bother about these pious and sacred relationships anymore. The tragedy of lives can be witnessed in the fact that the people are betraying each other deliberately and hardly feels ashamed. This means of living by human being has become a common and daily routine. As if everyone of us has taken an oath to deceive one another. The values and principles of life hardly matters us. The present generation of humans living on the earth have broken all the records of being selfishness, materialistic and evilness. The negative utilisation of human power and energy is proving detrimental and harmful to other creatures living in the universe. Human being has become a black demon upon them. The other living creatures are not feeling safe under his subordination. 

    It is commonly said proverb in urdu language ,"Jaan hai tou Jahaan hai". Life is an asset, a special gift given to us by our creator, Almighty Allah. Our lives are governed by systematic principles and teachings of islam. If we follow them, we are safe and secure. But if we try to break them, our lives will become hell. Our religion Islam has allowed us to do various things but on the other hand it has also admonishes us from doing many things. There is a perfect solution to everything in Islam. The principles and teachings of Islam is occupying a perfect solution to our problems. If we follow them our body and mind will experience pleasure and peace. The things which are permitted in Islam will provide us with huge satisfaction and our inner will find peace. The things which are admonished, if we even try to touch them will shun our peace of mind and body, left us shattered and tattered forever. One of the biggest and highest sins in Islam is committing suicide. Suicide is the amongst the worst form of sins. In one of the Hadith, it is narrated that a person who commits suicide will become the firewood of hellfire. Suicide is strictly prohibited and is amongst the major sins in islam.The person who commits suicide shall never see the paradise. As Al-Quaaran says, "Allah has descended you upon the earth and will take you back by capturing your souls." When anybody commits suicide, he ends his life by his own and thus challenges the power of Almighty, Allah. The life given to him by his Creator was a precious blessing. By committing suicide he destroyed the blessings of God. Thus he has to become the wood fire in hell, where he will remain forever. 

    There are various reasons to many people committing suicide. Some of the main reasons are depression, fear, anxiety, insecurity,broken relationships, hopelessness, pessimism and so on. These things are very common but too dangerous if not tackled at due course of time. Depression is found very common among the people. But it's consequences and results are very dangerous. The hustle and bustle of modern life is full of depression and hence it has taken away the minds peace. People feel depression occasionally and this paves way to various incidents of committing suicides. The depression in people is found in various forms. Some people feel hopelessness, it is the worst form of pessimism. Some believe don't believe in themselves and fall prey of depression. They see no good in themselves. They always think negative and what they do in life yields nothing. The outcome of their work left them depressed. They feel hopelessness and see only way i.e, to commit suicide and end their lives. Some people are victims of fear and anxiety. Fear has always very negative consequences. It let you down and your confidence level seems likely to diminish day by day. It does not let you go to compete with others. Fear breaks down you inner confidence level and you feel scary and anxiety. It is always the main reason for many people to commit suicide. Feeling insecurity and broken relationship also paves way to many people to end their lives. Some people are not feeling secure.Even at most of the times we have seen the domestic violence and abuses inside many families.The broken relationships also become the reason for many people to eliminate their lives by committing suicide. Some people don't bear the shock of broken relationships etc.There are also other reasons of committing suicide such as loss of some near and dear ones, failure in examination, psycho problems, 
    domestic violence and other abuses, parental pressure, drug abuses, loneliness and mental pressure etc. Sometimes some people being enough sensitive also fall prey of this demons death. 

    Since committing suicide and end lives forever is one of the serious concerns and it needs to curb as soon as possible. The growing rate of incidents of suicides on the globe is continuously taking toll of thousands and lakhs of lives every year. This worst form of evil has snatched innumerable lives. It's effects on families and relations have drastically snatched peace of minds. The tension arising from this evil could be witnessed in their families. The suicider not only ends his life but also gives an unending pain to his parents, family and relatives. The pain through which his family passes is incomparable and unending. His death left them in shock forever and they become paralyzed. They start to take medicines regularly because of their deteriorating health which the suicider gives them. Committing suicide is a horrible and tragic end of life, moreover the biggest sin in Islam. The person who commits this horrible act is not a believer. He is coward and impatient because he has no guts to face hardships. And he sees only way, to end his life forever. 

    There is an utmost need and desire of counselling to such people.Counselling
    will help those people to refrain from doing such acts. Such people need proper guidance and religious knowledge.They  should be given due importance, opportunity and preference.They should be treated politely. Conduct seminars and aware people about the consequences and results of suicides will help to diminish this menace. Parental care will also prove fruitful to curb this jeopardy. Such people should be given handsome company to whom they could express their feelings and emotions. The religious knowledge and curriculum is one of the best remedy through which they could be redressed.They should be given decisive powers and responsibility. They should be provided with rational thoughts by believing on them. They should be given feeling and sense that they are the asset for the society. We should talk to them and put them out from trauma, depression and hopelessness. Such people need our utmost care and yes they are also the great and precious treasure of our society. We could not let them die this tragic death. 

    The author is a freelance writer and writes on contemporary issues. He can be reached at

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