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    Our valley is adorned and embellished with green carpets, beautiful flowers, lofty trees, lovely meadows and high lofty mountains. Kashmir is one of the favourite destinations for the tourists all over the world. The beauty of kashmir is undoubtedly famous all over the world. People from every nook and corner come to the valley and get refreshment of minds and souls. The vale kashmir is considered one of the vivid destinations which attracts innumerable tourists every year. Its unique cover of decorations which includes different kinds of flora is really it's unbound precious treasure.The treasure of natural beauty makes it unique in all aspects. The valley is enriched with lovely and beautiful flowers. The fragrance of these flowers is the sign of deep love the people have of this unique region of the earth. Kashmir is also famous for its huge and precious water resources. The water resources of Kashmir is renowned for generating precious hydro-power electricity. The unique and different kinds of colourful chirping birds are also found in Kashmir. The lofty mountains of valley can been seen touching the huge sky. There are also different kinds of colourful land and aquatic animals. It is also an abode to many pious sufis and saints. The hospitality of the people of Kashmir is famous all over the world. The people of the valley are hard working and honest. They are gentle and handsome. They are physically strong and fit. Kashmir is also famous for its adorable customs and culture. The people who visit Kashmir get fascinated by its awesome and rich culture. Kashmir is all together well known for the tourism industry and sector. It attracts the tourists from all corners of the world. It is a hub of tourism because of its paradise like qualities. Every tourist is considered the sacred guest by the adorable people of the valley. They welcome their guests hale and heartily. The tourism sector is considered the precious asset of the valley. The decorating natural beauty of Kashmir is eye-catching and heart attracting. That is why people love to see this paradise on the earth. 

    Since the past two or three decades, our valley has immense records of visiting innumerable tourists. Tourists from all over the world visit in the valley to see the beauty of this decorated land. The natural beauty of this region attracts the senses of the tourists towards this part of the earth. People across the globe has become addicted to visit this paradise like place every year. Every year many tourists become part of the journey to this beautiful place. All eyes of the world has a keen desire to see the beauty of this paradise. The tourism industry is considered the backbone of economy in the valley. The economy generated by this industry ever year in the valley is millions and billions. The matter of fact is that this growing monetary system has immensely increased in past few years. The valley has generated the economy of the country at an alarming rate in past few years. Generally, tourists visit kashmir in the whole year but Summer season is being considered the peak season of the tourism. The months starting from March to July are the golden months in which most of the tourists visit kashmir. In these months, tourists like to visit valley because of its unending beauty. In these months, the valley is adorned and decorated with green carpets and beautiful flowers. It seems that the valley looks like a paradise to see in this season. Everywhere tourists can be seen marrying in every single corner of the valley. The whole region of the valley looks like God's handy creation.Tourists from many countries who visit kashmir become it's fan at first sight. When they see the beautiful sights and adorning views of this land. They look like flying in the sky. They enjoy ever single moment of their lives. The eye-catching sights of this beautiful land change their feelings and they start to see the real paradise by their naked eyes. 

    The covid19 crisis has become the great hindrance to every single sector mainly that generates economy but the tourism industry and sector of the valley has effected very badly.The economy of the people based on this sector has been shattered and they are not able to earn few pennies. The people whose bread and butter is this precious sector are shocked when even not able to get two morels of food for their kins and kith.Thousands of people have fallen prey of this disaster.Amid covid19, the kashmir tourism has shattered down. The tourists are not being allowed to visit the paradise Kashmir. Meanwhile this year, the shattered tourism has snatched the livelihood of thousands of native people in kashmir.The poor people who used to earn money from tourism sector are deeply stressed by the current crisis. The shattered tourism has mutilated and dashed away the hopes of many people. Especially, the poor people who are dependent wholly and solly on this precious sector. Their hopes are deeply attached on this economic generating sector but unfortunately it has proved not less than a shock to them. When they see the shattered tourism. The shattered tourism industry have left them in disastrous condition. 

    The shattered tourism in kashmir is also a serious concern to the economic
    and monetary aspects of the country. This has also deep impacts on the country's overall economy progress. This industry tantamount a huge amount in the overall development of our country. But unfortunately, this year it is continuously proving the harshest for the country. Tourism industry of the valley is a huge treasure to the overall development of the nation.This industry generates huge economy but at present everything is proving opposite to the humans. The loss of economical sector is at a huge stake and valleys shattered tourism has put on it an high alert. The shattered tourism is enhancing the overall economy loss, as well as put thousands of poor people on fire. Major portion of overall economy in kashmir is generating from tourism sector and majority of the people's livelihood depends on it. One could hardly imagine the miserable conditions of these poor people. The shattered tourism has shattered their hopes. 

    Amid covid19, millions of people suffered huge financial and monetary loss all over the globe. The common people of kashmir who used to earn in the midst of the peak season of tourism couldn't even manage to earn a few pennies. The shattered tourism industry effected the manual jobs of thousands of people in kashmir. The pony drivers, shikaras and boaters tourist guides, the sumo drivers, and other people who are directly or indirectly connected with the tourism industry have been severely effected by the pandemic crisis. Such manual labourers fall of the miserable conditions due to the shattered tourism. Other than this, there are so many other manual and non manual workers who also fall prey of the pandemic. Hence the shattered tourism snatched the livelihood of thousands of people in the valley. 

    The shattered tourism industry of the valley is being considered amongst the worst economic loss. This loss is considered irreparable for all sections of the society. The pandemic crisis proved very harsh to the whole worlds economy. The causes arising from it proves detrimental for the tourism industry of the valley. Covid19 crisis shattered the economy generating from tourism. The income generated from this sector is enabling thousands of people to feed their families. But it has not been possible because of corona virus. The shattered tourism industry has snatched peace of mind to the poor masses of the valley. On the other hand, the tourists who used to come to see the unending and clear crystal beauty of kashmir are not able to reach this beautiful destination. The shattered tourism broke the millions of hearts this year. Lets us hope, the upcoming months will pour out something favourable for the whole humanity. The people are still hoping for the shattered tourism to revive. 

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