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    Two Morsels of Food! They NEED Only: Eijaz Mir- JK Student News

    "Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need. ”
                       KHALIL GIBRAN. 

    The riches are marrying in their houses in the midst of luxuries and are dwelling in auspicious regimes. They are living in peace , in comforts, everything they deserve, they have, everything they need, they get, everything they demand, they possess. Are they God's adorable and best creation? 

    The people who are living in comforts and luxuries are having enough to make utilise of the time, when the whole world is lockdown. They are utilising time by their own ways and wills, by their own  mays and mights and means. The luxurious life of riches have proved a sort of welfare affair to them, by leading them to endure time in peace and prosperity.They are having enough to eat, enough to wear and enough to count. Such people don't need to bother about the lockdowns, the restrictions, and the restraining movements. They are utilising time with the passage of freedom where restraining movements are meaningless to them.Having all do's and don'ts help them to lead comfortable lives in the houses of bricks and cement where they are occupying every minute facilities. Even though, the world is restraint with zero movement, but they are feeling free from all such chains. 
    But what about the other side of the world, where those people are existing which are even begging for the two morsels of food. Are they not humans, don't they belong to this universe.Aren't they occupy mouth to eat, don't they deserve to eat! 

    The tragedy is when people are eating enough, even have in abundance and throwing on the streets, but don't have two morsel of food to feed the poor. In such circumstances, it is better to be a wild animal  rather than a human. If there is no humanity in humans, then wild animals are better and superior. The poor people are suffering so badly, the lockdown has shattered their previous and future hopes. They are living the miserable, and toughest times. The life of such people is in tragedy since from time immemorial but it has become more than ever in the present, where humans are approaching and battling for ones own self consciousness rather than of others. Our poor section of the society who is struggling for the average basic facility of life since from times tail have been shattered and brutally murdered . They are such fellows who are battling for two morsels of food only by earning some pennies in a day. But nowadays they are unable to earn a single of them, they are mercilessly torched by rays of poverty at its ultimate peaks and heights. They don't afford to arrange, manage even two morsels of food for the family, kids, kins and kith. The hopelessness  has overshadowed them by sinking  them in the depths of poverty. 

    In amid of covid19, the figures and facts are looking out of control , as the worlds economy is struggling with severe drawbacks and if it continues like this for some more months. The worlds economic sector will perish and for God's sake, the danger of erasing  half population of the world is seeking to end forever from hunger. The shortage of food is at an alarming note, the poor are dying of appetite, they are the worst sufferers by this pandemic. The poor people are suffering from the shortage of food and moreover the menace of black marketing and hoarding is deteriorating their dreams of feeding family and children. The darkness of hour has overshadowed their fate and destiny and they are begging for the two morsels of food. 
    Why so? They too are humans and belong to our world. 

    The world is full of abnormal growth in economic sector, between countries and nations. Since time immemorial  same is the case  with the distribution of wealth among the people, some are billionaires but some are beggars.The level and distribution of wealth is uneven in the world thus leading such imbalances, and allows to form the two groups that is, haves and have not's . Where such a system prevails in the society which tears apart the innermost and self consciousness feelings of poor people.  Amid covid19, it has even proved the bifurcation for the poor to live and survive. The misfortune has befitted on them and their existence is erasing from the globe on the every single passing day. No doubt, even although single soul is struggling onset of this disease. Every single body is in pain, irrespective of rich or poor. But still we have something for our family, kins and kith, to feed them. But why they do not have even two morsels of food to give their kins for survival.The most undesirable, unacceptable and misfortune lies in the fact witnessing of for days on, that the people are showing off, rather than provide any helping hand to the poor. Their  help to the poor by taking camera in their hands is just a farewell for them and a mere show off. It is a fiction ,drama and pretence rather than help or sympathy. 

    Pertinently, a bitter fact and cruelty of materialistic approaches  by the people is taunting the self consciousness of the poor people. They are being killed on every  single passing day when they found nothing to cook and on the other hand people have enough to throw. Their feelings and emotions are getting seriously pinched when they seek and beg for two morsels of food. These two morsels of food they do get from the people by the name and fame of others, for which they are mentally deteriorating themselves by thinking of their ill fate and destiny. The two morsels of food they need only, but do not get them. 

    Such people are going to complain  one day His Lord, where they  not deserved to feed their families , kin and kith. For such, we will be given appropriate treatment by Almighty Allah and will be punished  for throwing food on the streets  but not contributing even two morsels to give them. In these crisis we are even highly  bound with obligations of taking care to this section of the society but unfortunately we are denying to provide any  helping hand  to them. For some matter, if we does, it seems a formal sort of pretence , taking camera in our hands and clicking photos and pictures of them and vanish their self respects forever. 

    Shall not we give them two morsels of food with respect and dignity! They deserve, and we deserve to act sincerely, politely by helping  them and add more dignified power to such people.There are many such people living in the world who deserve such two morsels of food. They all are humans like us, they breathe like us, they talk like us, they smile like us, they weep like us, then why such disastrous approach towards them? Where they are being refraining from getting even these two morsels to feed themselves. Isn't it a catastrophe and highest level of injustice, where on one hand people are wasting food but have nothing to give them . 

    In this pandemics,crises and emergency, if we still refrain from giving such people to feed, I think God will never forgive us and no mercies of His will bestow upon us. This is the highest level of examination to us from God, whether we feed them or not. He is checking out our level of contribution towards them. If not now, then we do not deserve to live on the planet earth, as human beings. 
    Alas! They need only two morsels of food to live and survive! 

    The writer is a freelancer and writes on current issues
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