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    Senior Bjp leader Ruheena Shahzad greets people on Rabi ul Awwal.


    Ganderbal 19 October: Senior Bjp Leader Ruheena Shahzad greets people on Rabi ul Awwal. The month of rabi ul Awwal is upon us all muslims around the world carries immense significance and importance. Rabi ul Awwal is the third month of the islamic calendar.

    In a message  Ruheena Shahzad said that Rabi ul Awwal is named as such because before the prophet Muhammad (SAW) people living in the state of ignorance and darkness. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) life is inspiration for mankind. They were engaged in worshipping different duties. The people were deviating from the path of Allah (SWT).

    Ruheena prayed to  the almighty allah  to make all muslims of the world   better muslims and make love our prophet Muhammad (SAW) with more passion and dedication.

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