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    In order to maintain continuity in the status of BoSE affiliations, all the Private Educational 

    Institutions affiliated with JKBoSE, are under an obligation to submit their case files before the 

    competent authority for the grant of Extension in their period of affiliation one year ahead of 

    expiration of their affiliation. As such, sequel to the Resolution passed by the Affiliation Committee 

    at its meeting held on 15-06-2020, the following schedule/calendar for submission of case files is 

    circulated for information and necessary action of all the Private affiliated Academic Institutions 

    of Kashmir Division:-

    S. No Particulars

    1 Without late fee from 1st December upto31stMarch

    2 With late fee of Rs. 5, 000/-, from 1st April upto 30th April

    3 With late fee of Rs. 8, 000/-, from 1st May upto 31st May

    4 With late fee of Rs. 10, 000/-, from 1st June upto 31st July

    5 Submission of files, if any, beyond 31st July shall be decided by the Competent 

    Authority on case to case basis.

    Further, all the academic institutions are put under strict instructions to submit their case files in 

    accordance to the guidelines already available on the official website of JKBoSE, else the defaulter 

    institution(s) shall be liable for dis-affiliation.

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