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    Meet Peepal Baba, The Man Who Has planted around 1 lakh, 12 thousand trees in 2020


    Meet Peepal Baba, The Man Who Has planted around 1 lakh, 12 thousand trees in 2020 

    Environmentalist Peepal Baba's, campaigning to plant trees remained uninterrupted in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, as Peepal Baba's team planted 1 lakh 11 thousand 780 plants in the corona year across Country. 

    Peepal Baba has been planting trees for last 43 years, and the campaign continued even in the corona year, NCR Delhi became the main center of Peepal Baba's plantation campaign in the Corona period. 

    Peepal Baba's team in the corona year, wearing masks, gloves and keeping in mind the social distancing to protect themselves against COVID-19.

    He said that everything in the world was badly affected by the pandemic, but the campaign of plant trees continues with proper social distancing.

    He added created uproar in the whole world, the industrialists incurred huge losses, and it affected badly the daily wage earner. People lost their jobs and their loved ones in the Corona year. People are calling 2020 a doom and full of apathy.  

    According to YP Singh, President of the Indian Nurserymen's Association of India, the nursery of trees worth more than Rs 100 crores was ruined in the country, the loss of plants above Rs 8 crore only in Delhi. But even in this period, not a single plant of Peepal Baba's nursery was wasted because the campaign to plant tree of Peepal Baba's team continued non-stop.

    Due to Corona, the industries of the country were shut down, Migrant laborers started coming from the cities towards the villages.  On coming back to the village, many people associated themselves with agricultural work.  Thus per capita dependence on agriculture was increasing considerably. 

    He added It was said that more people will get involved in agricultural work, per capita income will come down and over production will also reduce the value of agricultural products, in such a situation, if the farmers do plantation work on the edge of their fields or in the barren lands, then they will come  On the preparation of these trees in time, the damage done during the Corona  period can be repaired along with the knowledge. 

    At this time the concept given by Peepal Baba was very much appreciated and many people across country joined the Peepal Baba tree plantation campaign and used their time in the Corona period to plant lots of plants keeping in mind the social distancing. 

    Significantly, the team of Peepal Baba made the National Capital Region their work place during the Corona period.  This year, Peepal Baba's team planted 8340 trees in Delhi, 33,400 in Noida, 28,600 in Greater Noida, 4,200 trees in Ghaziabad while 30,280 trees in Lucknow, 3820 trees in Uttarakhand, Haryana (on Sohna-Bahadurgarh Road) connected with NCR) Planted 3140 trees.

    Eminent worker Prem Parivartan, popularly known as Peepal Baba, started working in this field by planting the first tree of his life in 1977, 43 years ago. He made planting trees a social prestige issue by giving me the Trees Trust.  

    So far, 14,500 volunteers have joined this campaign and 2 crore trees planted by his trust so far, Peepal trees have been planted as the largest source of 1 crore 27 lakh oxygen.

    How do Peepal Baba work

    Peepal Baba does his tree planting campaign mainly on government and public lands. If a person sends a call for planting trees, then his team people go there and plant trees. 

    Peepal Baba mainly works in association with army, paramilitary forces, military stations, schools, colleges, universities, public sector undertakings, social and religious organizations, ashrams, temples, gurudwaras etc.  

    He has mastered the forest provided by the administration to make the forest as an example, if it is NCR, then he took 15 acres of land from the then District Collector of Gautam Budh Nagar, BN Singh, today this land has turned into a green forest.  .

    A lot of NGOs working on the environment keep getting help from Peepal Baba and his team from time to time to complete their work.

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