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    Panic sets in as administration orders rationing of fuel

     Panic sets in as administration orders rationing of fuel

    Srinagar, Jan 5: The divisional administration in Kashmir has ordered ration-

    ing of fuel as a “precaution-ary measure” amid continu-ous snowfall which has led 

    to closure of Srinagar-Jam-mu highway.

    Divisional Commissioner Pandurang Kondbarao Pole said the order has been 

    issued as “precautionary one” even as stocks are full. 

    “We are not low on stocks. The order is a precautionary, a preventive one to avoid any 

    difficulties which may arise in future.”

    As per the order issued on January 4, the divisional administration has ordered 

    issuing rationing of petrol and diesel besides LPG. 

    The concerned agencies have been asked to ensure that two-wheelers are issued 

    only three litres of petrol, 3-wheelers 05-litres (petrol 

    or diesel), four-wheelers (pri-vate) 10-litres, four-wheelers 

    (Commercial) 20 litres and heavy vehicles/Buses, trucks 

    20 litres. “The LPG cylinder shall be issued to the consum-er only after 21 days against proper acknowledgement and record,” reads the order.

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