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    Good news! LPG cylinder to cost you Rs 300 less Check full details in the link

    Good news! LPG cylinder to cost you Rs

    300 less Check full details in the link

    Srinagar, Nov 24: Customers who want

    to avail the benefit can apply for a

    subsidy in LPG cylinders and save up to

    Rs 300. This comes as a huge relief to

    many families across the country.

    Till sometime back, domestic LPG was

    available at Rs 594 per cylinder which

    has now increased in the range of Rs 834

    to nearly Rs 1000. Those customers who

    have been taking the benefit of subsidy

    on LPG Cylinders will be the immediate

    beneficiaries. To avail the benefits, they

    simply have to link their subsidised

    account with their Aadhar card.

    Looking at the pressure the price hike

    has created on common people, the

    government decided to increase the

    exemption given in the form of a subsidy.

    Those customers who have been availing

    subsidies will now get the benefit of

    more discounts per cylinder.

    Earlier, the subsidy received on the

    purchase of cylinders had been reduced

    to Rs 20 to Rs 30 only and now it has

    been increased again to around Rs 300.

    Those who take gas cylinders under the

    Ujwala scheme will get the maximum

    benefit from this subsidy scheme. Earlier

    they used to get a subsidy of Rs 174.86

    which has now been increased to Rs


    For others who earlier availed Rs 153.86

    subsidy will now get a subsidy of up to

    Rs 291.48. If you also want to benefit

    from this scheme then get your

    subsidised bank account linked with your

    Aadhar card as soon as possible.

    How to link Aadhaar with subsidised

    bank account

    For customers of lndane LPG gas

    cylinder, to get all the information visit -

    Customers of Bharat Gas Company can

    visit their oficial website -

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