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    Ration Card Download By Aadhaar: Good news! Now you can download Ration by Aadhaar card, know how

    Aadhaar To Ration Card Download - There are many

    people whose ration card has been made for a long time,

    but in the present time many information has changed in

    their ration card. But because many people do not have a

    new ration card. They do not know what information has

    been updated in their ration card.

    So in today's post we will tell you how you can download

    ration card and see it. Whose name is currently included

    in your ration card, and how many people are getting

    ration on your ration card. So let us know, how you can

    download digital ration card with the help of Aadhaar.

    Download ration card with the help of Aadhaar

    If you have aadhar card and mobile number is linked in

    your aadhar card, then you can do many types of work

    sitting at home. Now an online facility has come in the

    hall itself, through which you can view your digital ration

    card with the help of Aadhar card, and download it.

    Ration card number will be required to download ration


    To download digital ration card, you must know your

    ration card number. And you can find out the ration card

    number with the help of Mera Rashan App. How you can

    find out your ration card number from Mera Ration app,

    you can see information about it in the video given


    Download Ration Card from Digilocker website

    If you get ration card number through Mera Ration apPp.

    So after this you can visit the official website of

    Govt. can

    download your digital ration card by visiting You can see

    information about how to download ration card by

    creating an account on Digilocker website,

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