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    500 Rupees Old Note: You will get 10 thousand rupees, by this note of 500, know how

    500 Rupees Old Note: You will get 10 thousand rupees, by this note of 500

    New Delhi. If you have kept this old 500 rupees note (500

    rs old note), then you can become rich sitting at home.

    Even though this note of five hundred rupees has been

    discontinued by the Government of India four years ago.

    But despite this, even today its price in the market is

    thousands of rupees. You can earn money sitting at

    home by auctioning this note online.

    Before changing the old 500 rupee note, you have to keep

    some special things in mind. So let's know what should

    be the specialty of this note and where you can sell it..

    Know what is the specialty of this note?

    In India, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is entrusted with

    the task of printing notes and REl prints currency notes

    very carefully. The pattern is fixed and notes are printed

    accordingly. So all the notes are similar in appearance.

    But if there is any mistake in the note during printing and

    comes in the market then that note becomes special.

    eople get ready to buy this note at many times the price.

    This note should be of this serial number if you have an old 500 rupee note, then immediately

    check whether its serial number is printed twice. If so,then you can get Rs 5,000 of this note. Apart fronm this, if ne edge of the 500 rupee note is large, that is, extra

    paper has been lert on it, then you can get 10,000 rupees

    in exchange tor that note.

    HoW to do oniihe aucton?

    Go to the website

    egister yOurself as a seller on the website.

    After registering yourself, upload the photo of your 50o

    upee note on the website, interested buyers will contact you and yOu can interact With them.

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