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    Man arrested for killing daughter’s boyfriend

    Bengaluru city police on Saturday arrested a 46-year-old

    man for allegedly killinga 19-year-old youth after he

    found the latter with his daughter at his Vinobha Nagar

    house on November 28.

    The arrested is identified as Narayan, an autorickshaw

    driver, and the victim as Nivesh Kumar.

    Narayan's daughter, a school dropout, was in love with

    Nivesh Kumar who lived next door, said the police.

    Narayan, who was aware of it, had opposed the

    relationship. On the day of the crime, Narayan went to

    work early in the morning and Nivesh came to the house

    to meet his girlfriend, said the police. Unexpectedly,

    Narayan came back to the house and when he saw

    Nivesh there, in a fit of rage hit him with a wooden log,

    said the police.

    Though Nivesh was taken to a hospital, he succumbed to

    injuries around 9.30 am, added the police

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