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    New Electronic Quran Being Introduced to Help Blind & Visually Impaired at Makkah’s Grand Mosque


    An electronic Qur'an is being introduced at Makkah's Grand Mosque to help blind and visually impaired Muslims. 

    Advanced braille-based technology is being used to create the Haramain electronic Qur'an, allowing blind and visually impaired visitors and pilgrims to read and access the verses of Islam's holy book more easily. 

    Ghazi Al-Thubyani, from the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, said special shelves were being prepared for the 100 electronic braille devices that had been designed for the visually impaired. 

    The device, which is nearly six inches long and four inches wide, means users can move smoothly between pages using high-quality braille cells. 

    In Egypt there is a printing press specialized in braille. It prints all educational curricula in braille for Egyptian schools for blind students. 

    The braille-printed Quran is distinguished by the fact that it cannot be printed on small size papers like the standard Qur'an, as the braille method requires a larger area as well as thick and heavy paper of a certain type.

     The weight of one sheet ranges between 150 or 160 grams, so that the dots can be clearly printed on it to make the letters easy to read by fingertips.

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